Node-island, multi-layer self-balanced Archimedes Bridge

       Abstract A preliminary structure scheme is proposed on a node-island, multi-layer self-balanced Archimedes Bridge upon which two track rails and a four-lane highway could be established. Some analysis has been made on its mechanical characteristics, vibration, corrosion, security and economy. Using this conceptual construction program, transport channel options for the Taiwan Strait are discussed according to the hydrological and geological conditions of the Taiwan Strait.
       Keywords: ocean engineering; bridge engineering; submerged floating tunnel; Archimedes Bridge; node island


上一条: Challenge in design and construction of submerged floating tunnel and state-of-art

下一条: Dynamic response and structural integrity of submerged floating tunnel due to hydrodynamic load and accidental load

中国交建 TEC TU 天科院 大连理工大学

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