First Try of MeditationMechanism

       MEDITATION mechanism came to birth for some days when chatting with Mr. LIN last month and it was formed a formal mechanism yesterday owe to the contributions of Mr. LIN and Miss LIANG. It attracted me for the first time I got to know it because I always believe that, although group-work-mode is key and core for our pursuit, we also need some sole time to concentrate for solving some challenging problems.
       There are some challenging issues trapped me these days. What I have gotten responsible for are sorting researching methods which based on the Integrated Physical Model Tests. These Methods are thoughts, as I guess, and they come from nowhere but practices, so the only way to sort them in one place is tracing the timeline of some events. I believe that meditation space is essential for the tracing work so I applied the meditation room for the first time when I was allowed to, and cheerfully, I got positive responses from Mr. LIN and Miss LIANG. Thanks!
       The first meditation room I chose was a café near the working room, but there is no way to charge the laptop so I had to choose the Unbounded Book Store beside the coast. It is a noisy place because people crowded in the afternoon on Saturday, while the unbounded view of the sea calms my mind and puts me into the work although loud noises are surrounded. Thoughts come to my mind without limit, and I type them down fast. The high efficiency is all I need and the meditation mechanism does work as I see.
       There is no doubt that co-work is our essential work mode, because major problems we face should be discussed and solved coordinately. But some issues need to be done solely where meditation space is relevant. I appreciate the meditation mechanism running in our team.


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