Visit to Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link Immersed tunnel prefabrication Factory on Sunday

        Key words: SDJT; Immersed tunnel element prefabrication factory; Sunday
        On 8:00 am September 8th, 2019, led by Fu Xiuping, 10 members on SDJT Team under the set out for Xiangzhou Port, where they took ferry to get the Guishan Island after 50 minutes.
       As the ferry passed in the channel, at the sight of the mega engineering project, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB), SDJT members felt so proud and excited. Then came a small episode during the trip. The wave became more and more choppy and the ship rocked wildly, a few colleagues felt seasickness with symptoms of dizziness and nausea. Under good care of other colleagues, their uncomfortable symptoms were relieved when getting to the destination.
      Mr. Yang from Shenzhen-Zhognshan Link Project warmly welcomed us and arranged a brief short film presenting the overview of the project. After that, Mr. Yang showed us around the exhibition hall and answered questions raised by SJDT team about the 3D immersed tunnel element model and the sand table model of the whole prefabrication yard. Model of advanced equipment such as electric wheel rail hydraulic trolley and one-piece self-propelling element installation vessel were also introduced. In the other room, models of the HZMB were displayed, a wall full of honor certificates and banners was impressive.
      Then, Mr. Yang led the team members into the prefabrication factory. Standing in front of the huge steel shell of the immersed tunnel element, Yang explained the general process of concrete casting. SDJT members had strong interest in it and took photos as a souvenir. Entering inside of the steel-shell element, questions were raised on the intelligent pouring system, and we watched the concrete pouring process of one compartment.
      The team members enjoyed a great lunch in the project’s canteen. After a simple visit around the Guishan Island, SDJT team boarded the return ferry. On the way back, we had a discussion about what we had seen, heard and learned.
      This visit broadened our team members’ horizon, enriched our knowledge and exposed us to the charm of independent innovation. Also the pleasant journey eliminated our fatigue, delighted the body and mind, and promoted communication inside the SDJT team. Finally this visit encouraged us to forge ahead and improved our scientific research ability of combining theory with practice.




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