A notable civil engineer CK Lau and AECOM pacific Asia leading design tunneller Ozturk attended SDJT’s 6th Open Lecture

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September10, 2019, is the annual nation’s Teachers’ Day. On theoccasion of nation’s Teachers' Day, the CCCC SFT Technical Joint Research Team(CCCCSFTJT) welcomed Dr Ching Kwong Lau, "teacher" of civilengineers, former director of The Hong Kong Civil Engineering Department.Further, Dr Lau is known as the "King” of Hong Kong Bridge. He is thechief engineer of Tsingma Bridge as well as many other notable infrastructuresand the engineering technical consultant of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge(HZMB) Island on tunnel engineering. The other two guests are Ozturk Ozgur theleading designer of AECOM Asian regional tunnel program and Dr J.L.Camilo Perezfrom the AECOM Hong Kong Branch. The arrival of them made our structural formand design methodology group (SDJT) of the CCCC SFTJT members felt excited assuddenly going back to the student era, and keen to discussing with these three"teachers”.

Attwo o 'clock in the afternoon, the knowledge sharing and discussion specially preparedfor the three "teachers" officially began. Lin Ming, Yin Haiqing, GaoJibing and other members of the CCCC SFTJT attended the meeting. Mr Yin Haiqingpresided the meeting, in the beginning, he extended warm welcome to the threeguests, then the SDJT leader Lin Wei on behalf of others introduced the currentprogress, research target and technical route, literature research work as wellas the physical model testing in Tianjin basin. Later, Dr Chen Jin and"visiting scholar" Liu Lingfeng made two 15-minute presentations respectively.Dr Chen Jin's presentation focused on the contribution of hydrodynamicsresearch to the SFT study, while Liu Lingfeng’s on the current researchprogress of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), one of the seven participantsof the CCCC SFT Technical Joint Research Team.

Afterlistening to the introductions of the team members, Ozturk Ozgur shared histheme of "Global Reach, Endless Possibilities" and introduced some cutting-edgetunnel technologies. Mr Ozturk Ozgur's presentation covered four aspects: 1.Trends in the development of submarine channels; 2. Sandwich-type immersed tunnelcombining ultra-high-speed channel technology and AECOM's experience in thisfield; 3. AECOM's research work in the field of the SFT; 4. Risk management ofthe undersea tunnel.

AfterMr Ozturk Ozgur's lecture, there was a coffee break with fruit and cookiesserved in the meeting room. Discussions continued during this break. Ozturk askedif there will be any prototype (full scale) of SFT and he received informationof on-going research and relevant projects in China from CCCC side. Then, SDJTmembers actively asked questions to the three "teachers" about SFTand the latest project and received nice replies. The atmosphere of thediscussion was quite good. After the sharing session, Lin Wei on behalf of SDJTgroup gave Ozturk a lecture certificate signed by all SDJT present members. Manygroup photos were taken.

As aChinese saying goes, "when three people make friends, there is alwayssomething for me to learn from." Only by contacting with the outside worldand communicating with people in the same industries with diverse views can wehave critical thinkings and help us make substantial breakthroughs and progressin research.

2019年9月10日,中交悬浮隧道结构与设计方法研究攻关组迎来了土木工程界“老师级别”的大咖——“香港桥王”、前香港土木工程署署长、青马大桥总工程师、港珠澳大桥岛隧工程技术顾问刘正光(Ching Kwong Lau)、AECOM亚洲区域隧道牵头人Ozturk Ozgur、AECOM香港公司的J.L.Camilo Perez博士。三人的到来让悬浮隧道攻关组成员倍感兴奋,仿佛一下子回到了学生时代,想从三位“老师”身上努力汲取知识的营养。
       下午两点整,专为三位“老师”而设的知识分享、座谈会正式开始,中交悬浮隧道联合研究组的林鸣、尹海卿、高纪兵等领导、总体组其它成员以及悬浮隧道结构与设计方法研究攻关组全体在场人员悉数出席。会议由尹海卿主持,首先对三位客人的来访表示欢迎。攻关组组长林巍代表全体在场研究人员,对中交悬浮隧道联合研究组及悬浮隧道结构与设计方法研究攻关组的发展情况、当前工作进展、研究目标、技术路线、文献调研工作以及物模试验情况等进行了介绍。随后,攻关组的陈进博士介绍了水动力研究对悬浮隧道研究的贡献, “访问学者”刘凌锋介绍了TUDelft(代尔夫特理工大学,中交悬浮隧道联合研究组成员之一)当前的研究进展。

       听完攻关组成员的介绍,AECOM亚洲区域隧道牵头人Ozturk Ozgur进行了分享,分享主题是“全球范围,无限可能(Global Reach, Endless Possibilities)”,介绍了目前的一些先进隧道技术。Ozturk Ozgur先生的分享内容包括四个方面:1、海底通道的发展趋势;2、三明治沉管隧道、超高速通道技术以及AECOM公司在此方面的经验;3、AECOM公司在悬浮隧道领域的研究工作;4、海底隧道的风险管理。
       Ozturk Ozgur先生的主题演讲过后是短暂的休息时间,后勤人员在会议室准备了水果,大家一边吃着水果一边继续交流。休息过后,是本次知识分享会的最后自由讨论环节。首先,Ozturk Ozgur先生对中交悬浮隧道联合研究组和攻关组的研究工作进行了充分肯定,并提问目前中交是否有悬浮隧道的原型试验或者近期可能存在的实际悬浮隧道工程。随后,中交方面对Ozturk Ozgur先生的问题给出了回复,并对三位“老师”进行了相关提问,现场交流氛围相当热烈。分享会过后,林巍给Ozturk Ozgur先生颁发了讲座证书,并进行了全体合影。



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