SDJT team holds the fifth open class

Keywords: Badminton, athlete spirit, SFT research spirit
       From 18:30 to 19:20 on September 6, 2019, SDJT team hold the fifth open class with Liu Lingfeng as the speaker. In the open class, Liu Lingfeng mainly shared his story with badminton.
       The content Liu Lingfeng Shared includes four parts: the first part is his wonderful encounter with badminton, which mainly tells the history of badminton and how he came to know and love badminton. The second part is the world of badminton, introducing basic rules of badminton, how to play badminton well and the cooler facts about badminton. The third part is about the fun of badminton, mainly including Liu LingFeng's achievements and personal experience. The fourth part is badminton spirit and the connection with SFT. The last part is the sublimation of the whole sharing meeting. Liu Lingfeng summarized badminton spirit, and said that these spirits are connected with the team spirit of SDJT team presenting amazing similarities between the two.
       Modern badminton originated in England. In 1873, a duke named beaufort held a garden party in the town of Bloomington, county of Glasgow, England. Some retired officers from India introduced a game of beating shuttlecock back and forth with a racket. It quickly became popular among the upper classes because it was fun. "Badminton" then became the name of this sport in English. Introduced to China in 1920, badminton developed rapidly after liberation. Now, China's badminton team has become one of the world's top teams, even making people feel that China is as a badminton powerhouse. Liu Lingfeng got to know badminton at youth sports school in his hometown--Changting country youth sports school in Longyan, Fujian, where the world famous badminton champion- Chen hong was born. Out of worship for the world champion, Liu Lingfeng was obsessed with badminton. This obsession also brought him inner happiness and numerous honors in the sport of badminton.
       Badminton involves individual competition and team competition. To play badminton well, first of all, one needs to be physically strong strength and a strong heart, just like doing the forward-looking scientific research work of SFT. Good physical fitness is the most basic guarantee, while a steady mentality enables one to keep calm at a disadvantage. Badminton needs positive movement, correct attitude, otherwise one will be in a passive state or miss the ball. It is the same with SFT research. Only by active exploration and serious study can a team take the lead; Your opponent always aims at unexpected places, so the ability to anticipate is crucial for winning a badminton match. For SFT research, which is a “no-man's land” for civil engineering, a challenge demanding innovative work, a researcher’s imagination, vision and perception of the unknowns are of great significance.
       After Lingfeng sharing, we are deeply impressed with the correlation between badminton match and SFT scientific spirit. SDJT plans to practice more together in badminton to learn technology and feel the badminton spirit in practice. We will use the indomitable spirit learned from the athletic match on everyday scientific research work.








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