Parametric Vibration Analysis of Submerged Floating Tunnel Tension Legs

       ABSTRACT: According to the characteristics of submerged floating tunnel anchored by tension legs, simplifying the tube as point mass and assuming that the tension leg is a nonlinear beam model hinged at both ends, the nonlinear vibration equation of the tension leg is derived. The equation is solved by the Galerkin method and Runge-Kutta method. Subsequently, numerical analysis of typical submerged floating tunnel tension leg is carried out. It is shown that, the parametric vibration response of the submerged floating tunnel tension leg is related to the amplitude and frequency of the end excitation. Without considering axial resonance and transverse resonance, it is reasonable that higher order modes are abandoned and only the first three modes are considered. The axial resonance amplitude of the second or third order mode is equivalent to the first order mode axial resonance amplitude, which should not be ignored.

       KEYWORDS: Submerged Floating Tunnel; Structural behaviour; Mechanism; Test; Concept design

       引用信息:Sun, Sheng-nan, Zhi-bin Su, Yun-fen Feng, and Xian-yi Xu. "Parametric Vibration Analysis of Submerged Floating Tunnel Tension Legs." China Ocean Engineering 34, no. 1 (2020): 131-136.

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