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Dutch team member of CCCC SFT Joint Team visited HZMB

In December 2017,Kristina Reinders took a trip to China to visit a large contractor called CCCC (China Communications Construction Company) . Together with TEC (Tunnel Engineering Consultants) from the Netherlands, Kristina talked about the possibilities of floating tunnels and to represent TU Delft as a world-renowned research institute. CCCC has the ambition to be the first contractor to build a floating tunnel. But before this tunnel can be build, a lot of research is needed. Kristina was in China to talk about possible research options and in the following months a definitive research subject will be defined.

During their trip, Kristina visited the longest submerged tunnel in the world which will be finished next year. The project is a a part of the Hongkong Zhuhai Macao connection, a 50 km long connection from Hong Kong to China. "The tunnel is very impresive", Kristina said. " The most beautiful is the entrance building with the staircase. The concrete is so smooth and white, I think many tourists will visit this staircase in the future". See the pictures below.

 More news about the upcoming research on floating tunnels will be posted soon!


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