印度是否可以通过海底隧道与阿联酋连接?Could India connect with the UAE via an undersea tunnel?


Madcap design shows how floodwater could be exported from Mumbai to Fujairah via floating bullet trains.这个疯狂的设计展示了如何通过悬浮子弹列车将洪水从孟买引至富查伊拉(Fujairah)。

A plan published by the National Advisor Bureau shows trains could travel the 1826km route to Mumbai in less than two hours. Courtesy: National Advisor Bureau Limited
       印度国家顾问局(National Advisor Bureau)公布的一项计划显示,从孟买到富查伊拉的线路长1826公里,超高速列车可以在不到两小时的时间内驶完。(供图:国家顾问局有限公司)

Fujairah to Mumbai in just two hours via a 2,000 kilometre underwater tunnel sounds like the kind of fake news usually reserved for sensational social media posts.
       But when an Abu Dhabi design company uploaded a YouTube video showing how an 'ultra-speed' subsea railway connecting the UAE and India may look, people began to take notice.
       Although only at a concept stage, the space-aged floating tunnel connecting the two nations across the Arabian Sea could carry passengers and oil at high speeds, designers claim.
       A floating hotel, fuel stations and rest areas have been included in the madcap tunnel design.
       The plan published by the National Advisor Bureau, a consultancy firm based in Masdar City, shows trains could travel the 1,826km route in less than two hours.
       国家顾问局是一家位于马斯达尔城(Masdar City)的咨询公司,他们公布的这一计划显示,列车可以在不到两小时的时间内行驶1826公里。
       "It is expected that the project will help increase the trade and the influx of tourists from both sides," said Abdulla Alshehhi, managing director at the National Advisor Bureau Ltd.
       “预计该项目将有助于增加双方的贸易往来并吸引大量游客。”国家顾问局有限公司总经理Abdulla Alshehhi说。
       "The floating underwater tunnel would consist of two curved concrete tubes, submerged below the surface of the Arabian Sea.
       "Submerged tubes would be stabilised by being attached to pontoons on the surface of the sea or vertical tethers to the sea floor.
       "There would be enough gaps between the pontoons to allow ships to pass through and the tubes would be placed underwater, deep enough to avoid water traffic and weather."
       “浮箱之间会有足够的空隙供船只通过,管道置于水下,其深度足以免受水上交通和天气的影响。”Plans also show the possibility for other vehicles to travel        through the tunnel, with further stations in Karachi and Muscat opening up the region further.
       Designers claim the tunnel could be used to import water from the Narmada River, north of Mumbai, a tributary well known for flooding during monsoon season, with excess water exported to the UAE.
       设计人员称,这条隧道还可用于从孟买北部的讷尔默达河(Narmada River)导水,然后将过量的水引至阿联酋。讷尔默达河是一条支流,在季风季节以洪水泛滥而闻名。
       The Fujairah-Mumbai Tunnel and Subsea Ultra Speed Train Line Project is currently at the concept stage, and unlikely to every become a reality.
       It is not the first time the NAB has come up with a whacky idea straight out of a science fiction film.
       In 2016, the UAE Iceberg Project, was an idea to tow an iceberg all the way from Antarctica to Fujeirah in 2020 to provide a supply of pristine freshwater.
       That concept was ridiculed by the Ministry of Energy, but as the race to bring the hyperloop technology to the UAE gathers pace — this latest tunnel design may not seem as far-fetched.


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